To disrupt & improve standards of care for positive patient outcomes by leveraging new technologies.

The Qardiyo

Our approach
Qardiyo connects patients with the support they need.

The cornerstone of Qardiyo’s unique approach is our diverse team that have experience with the many silos that form our complex healthcare system. This cohesive collaboration allows quick and thorough analysis to accurately identify a wide variety of clinical problems and provide precise solutions. Determined to improve quality of care and measureable health outcomes, our Qardiyo Team provides technological solutions to address the needs of both individuals and organizations.

Our team investigates complex healthcare problems, researches latest clinical evidence, applies clinical knowledge and validates technological solutions to be used in the health industry. It is through innovative and out of box thinking, Qardiyo develops comprehensive applications using latest technologies. With particular emphasis on improving chronic care standards, our team spends extensive amount of time with patients to understand challenges faced by them. Our collaborative approach allows us to not only provide precision medicine solutions but also allow various research capabilities for healthcare professionals. Qardiyo offers customized solutions for improved communications between healthcare professionals and patients, data analysis using artificial intelligence, help plan research studies, improve patient behaviours and identify barriers for medication adherence.

Qardiyo strives to improve clinical care by leveraging latest technologies and provide actionable quality information to healthcare professionals.

Connecting moms, babies, and the community that cares for them.
The Lucina platform helps moms-to-be–and everyone that cares for her–make critical decisions about her care that can make a difference in the health of the baby.
Our Innovators
Anmol S. Kapoor, Experienced Cardiologist with a demonstrated history of establishing and working in the multi specialty medical diagnostic clinical practice. His strong skills in medicine, clinical research, medical education, and epidemiology are helping us develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of health information technology.

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Qardiyo believes in making partnerships and finding solutions together. We are always looking for likeminded health organizations, innovators, and health professionals to help us find solutions to complex healthcare problems.

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Research Management
At Qardiyo, we are dedicated to providing quality solutions and actionable information for health professionals. To allow for this, we have full time clinical research staff that identifies gaps and help design applications based on latest evidence. They help design, get ethical approvals and manage clinical trials.

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Mobile Applications

Development of Clinical Mobile Applications


Validation of Health Devices and Mobile Applications

Clinical Research

Conducting Clinical Research & Trials using Advanced Technologies

Health Technology Privacy Assessments

Development of Privacy Impact Assessments and Implementation


Secure Data Collection, Analysis and Storage using Latest Technologies

Identifying Care Gaps

Identifying Clinical Pathways, Clinical Care Gaps and Provide Actionable Data

About Us

Qardiyo Inc. draws upon the expertise of a variety of health care users. Lead by Cardiologist, Dr. Anmol S. Kapoor, Qardiyo Inc. consists of experienced health care users, health system experts and knowledgeable technology specialists of the health industry. Qardiyo Inc. prioritizes patient-centered care by understanding and emphasizing patient needs to their health care and information providers. Qardiyo Inc. is dedicated to innovation and use of technology to improve and enable precision-based care.

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